Derric SixPeppers Haynie

"I think so many poker books out there give incomplete information or misinformation.  While I do believe most of the author’s were giving the best advice they could give, I don’t think they ever stopped to step back and think about the big picture behind what they were actually saying.  How can you give advice on what boards to check-raise when you don’t know the tendencies of your opponent?!? 

Strategy advice that is extremely specific can be good against the general public, but bad against one specific opponent.  And it turns out we only play poker against one specific opponent (or one table of opponents) each time we play.  I aim to give you the tools to solve the problem that is poker, not a bland answer based on a fictitious character (some opponent) that you will be forced to imitate."

My goal is to turn away from traditional 'copy my winning strategy and you will win' kind of advice, and just outright define (somewhat mathematically) how poker is played to the point where there can be no argument for which play is best given specific information and reads.  I break down the steps it takes to understand whether a play is +EV or not, and more importantly, explain how to find the most +EV play.

While a lot of the book is based in math, I emphasize that understanding the math behind a decision is only important in making better intuitive, in-game decisions.  While many people try to avoid math at all costs, denying the fundamental mathematical principles behind poker is denying room for growth and profit."