I’m Elliot Roe an experienced hypnotherapist with an interest in helping players develop their poker skills. I take a pragmatic approach to hypnotherapy and believe it to be an incredibly effective tool when utilised correctly. I won’t greet you dressed as a guru or profess to have any secret knowledge of the world. Instead we will work together as a team to create the best possible result for your poker game and other emotional issues in your life. This will take place in a non-jugemental and positive environment focused completely on increasing your chances of success.

I’m basing myself in Las Vegas and will be available from June 2012 to meet you at your hotel or a therapy room prior to tournaments or long grinding sessions ensuring you have the optimum mindset prior to your Poker session.

To focus on creating this Poker hypnosis concept I took time out and spent 3 months full time researching with poker players of all levels from online hobbyists to Las Vegas professionals in order to develop this original, powerful and effective poker hypnosis programme. I would like to thank all of the players who have worked with me on developing the product and my personal poker knowledge.

If you want to take your poker to the next level I can help you break through the mental barriers that are holding your game back.

So drop me an email and we can work together on resolving any tilt issues and ensuring you play each and every game to your fullest potential.