James "Irunlucky" Hudson started playing poker like many others in the early 2000's playing home games with friends. He quickly discovered that he could make money at this game playing friends while also having fun. After dabbling in low stakes fixed limit Holdem for a year or so James took a year off from poker to focus on his studies. Upon returning to poker he made a commitment to learning 6 max NL Holdem and turned a 30 dollar transfer from his brother into 6 figures in earnings.

In 2010, James branched out into coaching in an attempt to help others experience a similar journey to his. During this time, James has dealt with a number of a struggling SSNL players through countless hand history reviews, stat analysis in hem, and live sweats. Given that James often enjoys talking about poker more than he actually does playing it, coaching was a natural fit. After having spent almost a year working with a number of different students mostly ranging in the 100-200NL games he decided to address all the major leaks that he could think of in a video series.

James is a graduate of Concordia University with a Bachelor’s in Sociology, can be found crushing on the Pokerstars 6 max NL tables and offers private coaching. You can email him at irunluckypoker@gmail.com.

irunlucky's results at cash games over the past year! He's CRUSHING at 7.28bb/100 over half a million hands! He also WON $136,304.76!