Max Appleberry Hertran

Max recently finished studying Economics and Finance. He has played poker for 6 years as his sole income and been coaching poker for 4 years. He plays anywhere from 50nl-1000nl but his main games are 100nl, 200nl and 400nl. He has played mostly on Pacific Poker under the user name "appleberry" where he has won over $50,000 and used to play on FTP under the name "maxel100".

He has maintained an incredible winrate over 10bb/100 throughout his HU career. During 6 years of play, he has been coached twice, read countless books and watched as many videos as he could to develop a game that covers all areas of poker. Furthermore he focuses on the why you choose to do a move as opposed to what you should do which results in you being better equipped in more spots..

Some of his most successful students have gone on to win over 10k/month others are consistent winners through the low-mid stakes games. He has coached over 120 students and has always received positive feedback.