Before poker, I was a high school math teacher and running coach in Athens, GA. About two years into teaching, I started playing online poker on the side for fun. I managed to find CardRunners and used all the advice it gave to become a winning player.

I started with 50NL and worked up, although at the time that I did it, the games were much softer. This allowed me to supplement my income for a few years before considering turning to poker full-time. My advice for those that are thinking of doing the same - make sure you are able to win over a period of 6-12 months before making the jump. Make sure you can consistently win during good times and bad. I hope this book can help you do this.

During my fourth year of teaching high school, I got progressively more frustrated with public education and decided that I need a break. I talked with my wife about doing poker for a living and showed her a large sample size of my results. She supported the idea, and I took the plunge.

At this point, I was already a guest pro at CardRunners. I started out there by immersing myself in the community. I would listen to the issues that would frustrate the micro and small stakes players while reflecting on my own game and made videos that addressed those issues.

I've always had fairly steady results over the long-term. My records go back to the beginning of 2010. In 2010 I started with $99 running it up to around $45,000 (with rakeback + bonuses) and in 2011 I started with $200 and ran it up to $10,000 before Black Friday hit. Currently, like most Americans, I am not able to play poker full time which has given me an opportunity to finish this book and finally do some coaching.

2010 Results

2010 Graph

2011 Results

2011 Graph