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- Get the latest world-class ground-breaking strategies for less than $100

Daily Variance’s monthly series of poker webinars give you the chance to hear the latest perspectives in the world of poker from the field’s premier experts.

Nothing is more costly than knowing a poker strategy a few months too late.

Fortunately, you can prevent this huge disadvantage by learning from a world-class player.


poker webinars A 60-minutes presentation by a world-class player on the latest ground-breaking poker concepts right from your computer. You can ask burning questions during the presentation.

poker webinars A 30-minutes Q&A section at the end of the seminar for you to ask questions. Considering many of our presenters charge $500+ per hour for personal coaching, this provides tremendous value for our loyal customers.

poker webinars A professionally edited recording of the seminar so you can listen the seminar in your car, on your iPod, on your iPad, and anywhere you wish.

poker webinars The seminar's PowerPoint slides.


Upcoming Poker Webinar: How to CONQUER Tilt

jared tendler

poker webinars Does a bad beat makes your face feels hot and makes you feel angry inside?

poker webinars Do you spew uncontrollably?

poker webinars Do you have a problem with uncertainly and a lack of control?

poker webinars Do you do things that you know are bad at the poker table?

poker webinars Are you one of those players who is forever tilting and not really doing much to address the problem??

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, today is your lucky day. Noted author and sports psychology Jared Tendler will be giving an online seminar on how to conquer tilt and bad beats. Click here to learn how to CONQUER Tilt


Previous Poker Webinar by high-stakes player and live poker expert John "Nicolak" Kim

Poker Webinar: Transitioning From Online to Live Poker

john nicolak kim

At the seminar, John explained the key differences between online and live poker and how you can make a killing playing live poker ... Click here to learn how to transition from online to live poker


*** We will email you before the seminar to remind you and give you log in information. If you have any question, please read the FAQ. You can also call us at 800.357.6075 or email us. ***