100K Fish Frying System (Video Series)

100K Fish Frying System (Video Series)

Authors: Mike "NeverBluffing30" Battle
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The Definitive Video Series to Crush Fish in 2013!


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Mike “NeverBluffing30” Battle is a highly successful high-stakes player. He has won more than $300,000 in the past few years. Today you can find him over on Party Poker destroying the 1000nl games.

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What Are the Secrets to His Success?

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of your winnings come from abusing weak players and outplaying them. The biggest and quickest way to dramatically boost your winrate is by studying the art of how to maximize your winrate vs. these recreational players.

In this epic video series, through 20 lessons, Mike goes through the key concepts on how to extract maximum value from fish like an art form. He will also reveal secrets that he uses to induce them to spew and ship their stacks to you. The series is jam-packed with over 9 hours of premium videos.

Here are the lessons.


Poker Theory: Abusing Fish

Lesson 1: Abusing Fish Part I

checkmark How do you get fishy players to play pots with you all the time? You won’t believe how easy it is to implement this strategy. 

checkmark Figure out why high level thinking lowers your winrate against fish. This is the classic example of addition with subtraction.

checkmark Learn the most profitable bet-sizes against fish. The answer will surprise you.

Lesson 2: Abusing Fish Part II

checkmark Learn what is the correct level to think on against fish. Hint: It’s less than 3.

checkmark Learn how to manipulate your image. It’s not as tough as you think.

Lesson 3: Abusing Fish Part III

checkmark Learn why the advanced concept of “Range Targeting” is so crucial to increasing your winrate.

Player Profiling: Know Thy Enemies

Lesson 4: Crushing Passive Calling Stations Part I

checkmark Learn how to value-bet thinly against passive calling stations.

checkmark Learn profitable non-standard bet-sizing that leaves your opponents wondering why they just called

checkmark Learn why Systematic Hand-Reading is so profitable against calling stations. Once you learn this, YOU WILL LOVE calling stations like Mike.

Lesson 5: Crushing Passive Calling Stations Part II

checkmark Learn the difference between “high credit situations” and “low credit situations” to improve your winrate.

checkmark Learn how to crush multi-way pots

checkmark Learn why bad barreling turn cards are GREAT for big value bets

Lesson 6: Crushing Passive Calling Stations Part III

checkmark How to use overbetting to improve your winrate

checkmark Learn the famous Zeebo Theorem and how it can prevent you from losing money to fish

Lesson 7: Abusing Fit-or-Fold Players Part I

checkmark What makes a good Villain to barrel against? Common wisdom may be wrong.

checkmark What is a good board texture for barreling? Learn this and you won’t get caught bluffing as much.

checkmark Learn when a scared card is actually a scared card. An ace on the river isn’t always the case.

checkmark Learn why it’s WRONG to ask “What is our perceived range?” when playing against these type of players.

Lesson 8: Abusing Fit-or-Fold Players Part II

checkmark Learn how you win pots over and over again using the simple concept of isolating and c-betting.

checkmark Learn spots where you can isolate with Any Two Cards with impunity and get away with it.

checkmark Learn what flops are good to c-bet. It will be easy with this one recommended software.

Lesson 9: Abusing Fit-or-Fold Players Part III

checkmark Learn how to manipulate ranges so your opponents do what you want.

checkmark Learn how to exploit aggressive players. You won’t believe how simple this trick is.

checkmark Learn how to gather information on one street, and then own them on the next street.

checkmark Learn how to win huge pots with little risk. You will be amazed once you hear Mike’s suggestion.


Theory in Practice: Annihilate Aggressive Donkeys

Lesson 10: Live from the Office

Mike hits the table and shows you how he goes on beast mode to abuse his opponents. His thought process is easy to understand and his advice is simple to apply at the tables.

Lesson 11: Taming the Aggressive Spewy Villain Part I

checkmark Learn how to use their aggressiveness against them. You will be mad at yourself for not thinking of this sooner.

checkmark Learn how to make huge calls. It’s easier when you know their psychology.

checkmark Learn the two most effective ways for them to give you their stacks.

checkmark Learn how induce spew and reap the rewards.

Lesson 12: Taming the Aggressive Spewy Villain Part II

checkmark Learn how to create the illusion of fold equity to trick your opponents into bluffing you

checkmark Learn how to keep all the weak hands in their range so you can exploit them in later streets

checkmark Learn how to make ace-high call downs. It will be easier once you know the correct thought process of analyzing a poker hand.

Lesson 13: Taming the Aggressive Overplaying Villain

checkmark Learn what is their strategy and how you can exploit them

checkmark Learn what are their bet-sizing tells

checkmark Learn their range shapes and how you can use this to your advantage. This hasn’t been taught anywhere else.


Advanced Concepts: The Difference between a Small Win and a HUGE Session

Lesson 14: Advanced Isolation Theory

checkmark Learn how unconventional bet-sizing can help you win big. All you have to do is make this one minor adjustment in your game.

checkmark Learn how to exploit aggressive regulars who isolate the fish. 

checkmark Learn the perfect timing to flatting and 3-betting with monsters. 

Lesson 15: The Art of 3-betting

checkmark Learn when to use a polarized 3-betting range. 

checkmark Learn when to use a depolarized 3-betting range. 

checkmark Learn the exceptions to common polarized 3-betting strategies and use this to extract "future value" from fishy players. 

Lesson 16: The Truth about Timing Tells

checkmark Learn what timing tells signal a strong hand. Your tricky opponent won’t believe how you figured him out.

checkmark Learned what timing tells signal a weak hand.

checkmark Learn how to manipulate your timing using this one effective secret. You will wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along.

Lesson 17: Bet-Sizing Psychology

checkmark Learn why adding an extra digit helps your winrate. You have to see it to believe it.

checkmark Learn why the last digits are so important in bet-sizing. You’ll understand why some players get more calls from fish.

checkmark Learn how to make them curious to get them to call. Once you learn this, more fish will pay you off.

Lesson 18: Using Unconventional Stats to Profit Part I

checkmark Learn when to check-raise as the pre-flop raiser.

checkmark Learn when to 3-bet extremely wide ranges.

checkmark Learn when to isolate with any two cards.

Lesson 19: Using Unconventional Stats to Profit Part II. 

checkmark Learn how to induce your opponents to bluff big on the river. 

checkmark Learn how to analyze your database to discover profitable lines vs. fish. 

checkmark Learn when checking is more valuable than betting. 

Lesson 20: Another Day at the Office

Mike hits the tables again and performs beautifully at the poker table. There’s a reason why Mike has won more than $300,000 at the poker tables.

You will realize that with the right education and strategies, you can dramatically improve your winrate in today’s tough poker climate. You can do it with these tools and tricks.


checkmark The EV calculations guide, spreadsheets and templates: Use these templates to help you figure out the EV of many complex situations in poker.

checkmark The Combinatorics Guide: Use this guide to help you improve your hand reading and win more money.

checkmark The Quiz: This section will test your poker knowledge to make sure you understand everything in the Fish Frying System. We will provide answers for you.

Buy the Fish Frying System today and extract the maximum value out of fish and maniacs before your opponents do!


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