100K MTT System: Crushing NL Tournaments (Video Series)

100K MTT System: Crushing NL Tournaments (Video Series)

Authors: Matt "mlagoo" LaGarde
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The Definitive Video Series for Crushing Tourneys in 2012


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Matt 'mlagoo" LaGarde is a very successful tournament player and he's taking his talents to Daily Variance. 

He has coached hundreds of students and his instructional poker videos are highly-praised in the poker community.

What are the Secrets to his Success?

In tournament play where stacks are shallower than cash games, it's all about recognizing profitable situations to push your edges. 

In this 8-video series, Matt will reveal the secrets that gave him tremendous success at the poker tables. 

The Tourney Essentials

Lesson 1: Advanced Tournament Tips Play Part I

checkmark Learn optimal ranges on open shoving. We will have a chart for you to learn.

checkmark Learn when to flat. 

checkmark Learn how to counter aggressive 3-bets. 

checkmark Learn how over-limping can improve your ROI in tournaments. 

Lesson 2: Advanced Tournament Tips Part II

checkmark Learn why c-betting too much is killing your winrate

checkmark Learn why playing passively on the turn is cost you money. Matt will teach you how to barrel effectively. 

checkmark Learn how to use bet-sizing to exploit your opponents.

checkmark Learn how to apply constant pressure to break your opponents. 

checkmark Learn how to recognize not only +cEV, but =$EV situations. 

Lesson 3: Optimal Re-steal Ranges 

checkmark Learn how to counter aggressive players on the bubble. 

checkmark Matt makes your life easier by giving you a set of charts of profitable ranges. 

Theory in Practice: Abusing Tourney Donks

Lesson 4: Trigger Happy

checkmark Learn how to abuse the pay bubble. 

checkmark Learn when to shove profitable with any two cards in the small blind. 

checkmark Learn how to use Poker Stove to help your winrate. 

checkmark Learn how to make great post-flop bet-size.


Lesson 5: Deep Stacks Warfare

checkmark Learn how to play with deep stacks. 

checkmark Learn the correct bet-sizing in tourneys. 

checkmark Learn how to look for the perfect play. 

checkmark Learn what cards to barrel on the turn and the river. 

checkmark Learn what river cards NOT to bluff at. 

checkmark Learn how to abuse others with deep stacks. 

Lesson 6: Bluffing Ninjas

checkmark Learn what river bet size to make to get called a lot. 

checkmark Learn whether to call or 3-bet with AJ from the small blind. 

checkmark Learn how to 3-barrel bluffs. 

checkmark Learn how to bluff-raise rivers. 

A Date with The Sage

Gobbo is a highly successful tournament player and he has a deep understanding of the poker. 

Lesson 7: Advanced Tactics with Gobbo 

checkmark Learn how the concept "Risk of Ruin" is so important to your tournament success. 

checkmark Learn how to realize your equity edge in poker tourneys. 

checkmark Learn how to use over-betting to crush your opponents. 

checkmark Learn how to put people in uncomfortable spots to abuse them. 

Bonus Video: The Final Table

Matt analyzes with his student Mariklus on his final table performance. 

checkmark Learn how to open your game. 

checkmark Learn how to exploit the final table once you are there. Some players don't play creative enough.

checkmark Learn how to manipulate shoving ranges and use it to your advantage.

checkmark Learn how to crush your opponents and win the tournament.

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