Advanced PLO Play

Advanced PLO Play

Authors: Tri "SlowHabit" Nguyen
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For the first time in poker history, Tri Nguyen combined forces with the world's biggest mid-stakes PLO winners to come up with ground-breaking and winning pot-limit omaha strategies to help you win. 

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From Advanced PLO Play, You Will Learn: 

checkmark How to hand select 

checkmark How to hand read 

checkmark What hands to 3-bet and 4-bet with pre-flop 

checkmark How to play against aggressive players who 3-bet a lot 

checkmark How use blockers profitably 

checkmark How to run HUGE bluffs and get rewarded for it 

checkmark How to catch people bluffing you and make them pay dearly for it 

And there's much more proven winning strategies in the book. 

Here's what world-class and NAPT winner Ashton 'theAshman103' Griffin has to say about Advanced PLO Play

I am amazed at the depth of knowledge and the amount of valuable content for improving at the game of PLO that it contains. The book is structured in what I believe gives the reader the optimal path to PLO enlightenment. I am sure that the book would even improve someone with a substantial amount of PLO knowledge. 

This book is a must-have for anyone who is trying to incorporate PLO into their playing schedule or for anyone good at NL who wants to transition over. I transitioned to PLO from NL years ago, and would have paid an absurd amount of money to have had the opportunity to read this book when I first started playing PLO. 

Every hand and every option is thoroughly broken down to give the reader an idea as to what the reasoning behind each play is. Not only do I believe that Tri has a great understanding of the game based on his experience, but he is also a great poker writer which is evidenced by his strategy writings in the forums, books, and in person.

I am positive that APPTW is a must-have for small and mid-stakes PLO players.

But wait, there's more. Many pot-limit Omaha specialists can attest to the fact that Advanced PLO Play is the best pot-limit Omaha resource that will swollen your poker bankrolls.


From CardRunners Coach Rollover2k/4cardgrind:"Loved it. Having something like this back in the day would have saved me a lot of time and money." 

From DeucesCracked member Mitch: "Advanced PLO Play is a must have resource for anyone who has a solid foundation of the basics and is looking to build upon and open up their game." 

From DeucesCracked Coach orestto: "Reading Advanced PLO Play was definitely +EV. I'm sure it would benefit most players playing micro and small stakes pot-limit Omaha." 

From Poker Pro pokerbot12: "This is probably the best and most immediately applicable PLO book out there. Tri again shows that he is not only a great poker player but also can deliver a great learning experience."

Order the book today and crush your opponents with these world-class strategies.


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By pokerbot102

February 14, 2011

Although I spend most of my time playing NLH lately, I have still played a fair amount of PLO (a few hundred thousand hands). I've read a lot of PLO books and watched many PLO videos, but I still found myself "lost" in plenty of situations. I wasn't sure what action to take or even what factors to consider to decide on what action to take. Let's face it; PLO is just way more complicated than Holdem. Any good poker player will tell you "it depends" when you ask them even a basic question without giving them some background information. This book helps by giving you awareness of both background information/reads and possible options/lines to consider. I was kind of worried before getting the book that it wouldn't offer me too much new knowledge. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself reading and re-reading this book over and over trying to nail down all the concepts. While he lays out and explains all the hands well, I wish some more of the important concepts had been gone over in a little more detail. Overall though, this is probably the best and most immediately applicable PLO book out there. Tri again shows that he is not only a great poker player but also can deliver a great learning experience.

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