Heads-up NL System: Crushing 50NL (Video Series)

Heads-up NL System: Crushing 50NL (Video Series)

Authors: Max "Appleberry" Hertan
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The Definitive System for Crushing NL Heads-up in 2012 



AppleBerry is one of those coaches who has the rare combination of crushing the games and being able to convey complex thoughts using simple words.

He manages to maintain an unheard of winrate of 10bb/100+ playing heads-up no-limit. He has won over $50,000+ playing on PokerStars, 888, and Full Tilt Poker. 

Not only that, he has coached over 120+ students with many great success stories.

Here's a graph from one of his students, Longhaul Truckr, who ended up winning $10,000/month at small-stakes heads-up NL. 

longhaul winnings

Here is what his other students have to say about him:


Poker player Neorask: “One of the best investments i've ever put into poker.”

2p2er learnfriend: “I tried to play HU(100bb) a few times by myself, and lost on a 200$/hour rate.. total losing is about 1600$. I even bought a HU video series, but it didn't help my game. Finally, I decide to take a lesson with Max. On our fisrt sweat session, I win 64$, it means that it is a free lesson... and after that session I make 500$ by playing NL50 HU with a winrate 15bb/100 only playing vs reg. It's amazing. Now I have confidence in myself being a HU reg oneday.”

Poker dryver279: “I have had one lesson with Max so far, the early strategy and game selection techniques that he provided me helped me win 3 1/2 buy ins in the hour he worked with me. I have already bought 10 more hours with him and can not wait to learn more.” 

In this critically acclaimed video series, AppleBerry holds nothing back and reveals all the secrets and information that enable him to achieve one of the highest winrates in 100NL.

Unlike many coaches and video producers out there, AppleBerry explains the why behind your decisions and helps you advance your thought process so you are equipped with valuable knowledge to face tough opponents at the poker table.

You no longer have to game select or bumhunt to achieve a great winrate at your stakes. You can crush other regulars and have fun doing it.

Poker Theory

Lesson 1 – Button King

Most players fail to crush poker because they don't know how to play against opponents with no history. In this video, AppleBerry will teach you how to maneuver against unknown opponents.

You will learn:

a. Quick tells to recognize your opponents’ playing style and how to exploit them

b. Which hands to play with in 3-bet pots so you have a optimal balance strategy

c. Expert bet-sizing such as min-raising and the 4x button to confuse your opponent and cause him to spew

d. Which hands to play back to an opponent's 3bet, to counterattack his strategy

e. Which hands to 4bet so that you're one step ahead of your opponents

Lesson 2 – Big Blind Hero

The main difference between a mediocre and a great player is his ability to play well from the big blind. In this video, AppleBerry teaches you how to play great poker from the big blind while being out of position.

You will learn:

a. How to exploit players who min-raise on the button. The adjustment goes against conventional wisdom

b. Which hands to 3-bet to gain an advantage in the beginning of the match

c. How to react to a 4-bet and leave your opponent frustrated

Lesson 3 – Expert Flop Play

Most players make the common mistake of c-betting too much after raising pre-flop. They don't know when to c-bet and when to check back so they c-get randomly without a profitable strategy. In this video, AppleBerry provides a framework on how to excel at flop play in position.

You will learn:

a. Expert bet-sizing theory to improve your c-betting sizes to extract maximum value

b. Which hands to c-bet and which hands you should check back

c. The key differences among flop board textures

d. How to combat players who lead the flop when you have the initiative

e. How to maneuver against check-raises

Lesson 4 – Crushing Draws and 3-bet Pots

Knowing when to check-call, check-raise, or to lead without the initiative does wonders to your winrate. It's for this reason that AppleBerry has been able to main his legendary winrate in heads-up no-limit. AppleBerry goes all-out and holds nothing back in this video.

You will learn:

a. When to check-call, check-raise or lead from the big blind

b. How to play limped pots

c. How to play draws effectively

d. How to crush 3-bet pots

Lesson 5 – Critical Tips

After playing 4+ years and coaching 120+ students, AppleBerry uncovers the biggest and most common leaks that most heads-up no-limit players have. He reveals it all in this video. After this lesson, you will realize there's a huge gap between a small winner and a crusher and how you can become a crusher.

Poker Practice

Lesson 6 – Abusing aggressive Regulars

In this video, AppleBerry goes in depth on how he crushes an aggressive regular who 3-bets liberally and doesn’t give up on pots.

You will learn:

a. How to beat a 50nl reg

b. How to adjust to game flow

c. How to combat aggression and make your opponent look like a clueless aggressive monkey

Lesson 7 – Abusing Aggressive 3-bets

One of the toughest opponents to play against is someone who 3-bets a lot and applies relentless aggressive. In this video, AppleBerry uses some unorthodox lines to tame his aggressive opponent and keep the match under control while carefully exploiting him.

You will learn:

a. How to adjust to an opponent that 3bets a lot

b. Which common mistakes that good regulars make at 100NL and how you can exploit them

c. How to achieve a high winrate in 3-bet pots

Lesson 8 – Fire against fire

Sometimes, you have to man up and play some power poker. In the video, AppleBerry made a key adjustment against really aggressive players and outmaneuvered him.

You will learn:

a. How to show a profit without needing to see a flop

b. How to adjust your 3-betting strategy depending on game flow

c. How to adjust against a player who ramps up his 3-betting aggression

One more thing ...

If you buy the micro-stakes system today, you will receive 2 BONUS videos.

Bonus Lessons


Lesson 9 – Exploiting 40BB+ Stacks

40BB+ games are becoming more popular and AppleBerry will show you what strategy to use to exploit this type of players. It's much easier than you think.

Lesson 10 – A Day at the Office

In this video, AppleBerry goes over a session on how he crushes his opponents at the table and how he regularly plays. You get to see him walk the walk and talk the talk.

You will learn:

a. How to abuse short stacks

b. Which variables you should adjust to maximize your winrate

c. How to form initial reads on your opponent so you can exploit them without them realizing it

d. How to stack the fish quickly before other regulars get to him

e. And most important, how AppleBerry manages to achieve a staggering winrate in this hypercompetitive environment

But wait, there's more ...

You will also receive a FREE copy of the heads-up no-limit guide that Appleberry gives to his private students. This useful information will change the way you think about heads-up poker. 

With this video series, you will have the knowledge to crush small-stakes heads-up no-limit. It's an understatement to say there's no other product like this in the market for online poker, especially at this price point. 

Here’s a quote from a student who watched other video series and also got coaching from others.

"I have getting coaches who coached me for 200eu/hr but you are better than them imo.” 

AppleBerry charges $475 for his private coaching program and you'll get 10 videos of his valuable content for only $197. Not only that, if you play 50HUNL and improve your winrate by 1bb/100, you'll more than make back your investment and then some in the next month.

Get a copy today. It's your time to crush.

The Heads-up NL System comes with a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

daily variance guarantee

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Customer Reviews


By Just Pokes

December 17, 2012

I have been playing poker for a long time, but recently made a transition from 6 max to heads up. I feel in a time where so much information is available on NLHE strategy, it is difficult for a micro and small stakes player to sift through all the confusing info out there. This video series is very good at showing players old and new what is needed to beat the HU games at these stakes, without confusing them with unnecessary info or superfluous plays which often end up losing us money. It outlines a system that can easily be adopted to immediately beat the game if adhered to. But that is not to say that Appleberry is spoonfeeding a step by step guide, he begins with a basis for beating the average players and then goes on to help players think about what adjustments need to be made for specific players. Some of the videos are fairly short but I preferred this than to being overloaded with information and then none of it going in. You do get quite a few videos in this series and there is a heap of information in them. Well worth the price!

I have also had some lessons from Appleberry - he is a great coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone serious about improving their heads up game. He's really flexible and focuses on improving your thought process so you grow and are better equipped to tackle any new situations you are confronted with on your own.

In short: Great video series, great teacher, great price!

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