Let There Be Range

Let There Be Range

Authors: Tri "SlowHabit" Nguyen
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From Respected TwoPlusTwo Member Barracuda:
"If there’s one thing that this book gave me apart from the obvious, it was confidence. A confidence about hold em which i had never experienced before."

From LeggoPoker coach/instructor Clayton:
"Is Let There Be Range worth the money? A resounding yes, but only if you are the kind of person who can get the most out of the reading."

From Respected TwoPlusTwo Member heggahegga:
""I never thought I'd spend this much on a book, and I certainly never thought I'd consider it a bargain!"

From Respected MSNLer iRunLucky:
"The book is by far exceeded my expectations!"

From CardRunners coach/instructor SixPeppers:
"If you are a low-midstakes grinder and proven winner, and can afford it, get the book! I don't think realistically anyone can create/recreate a book as powerful as Let There Be Range for at least another 10 years."

From Respected TwoPlusTwo Member Learning:
"I can say that it's easily the best poker book I've ever read and I've read every other well-respected poster's book."

From Respected MSNLer cbboy:
"It is a great book and a must buy for any ssnl/msnl player who wants to improve their game and/or move up the ranks."

From Respected MSNL/HSNLer kwantum:
"I'll just say that it's the most practical poker book I've read."

From Respected TwoPlusTwo Poster DruM:
"People talk about their 'aha' moments in poker, I've had several of those within the first 30 minutes of reading Tri's book."

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