New 100K Micro-stakes NL System: Crushing 50nl in 2012 (Videos)

New 100K Micro-stakes NL System: Crushing 50nl in 2012 (Videos)

Authors: James "SplitSuit" Sweeney
Feedback: 10 reviews
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It's Time to Update Your NL Game for 2012


Sneak Preview

Leading poker coach and best-selling author James SplitSuit Sweeney and I worked extremely hard on this project and I won't hesitate to call this video series the definitive guide to crushing micro-stakes Full Ring and 6-max in 2012.

We spent tons of time researching the poker market to figure out what mistakes players are making and what we can do to fix these mistakes.

Why is this important to you?

Imagine sitting at a poker table and knowing your opponents' weaknesses and proceed to ruthlessly exploit them.

Not only that, we offer advanced strategies on how you can stay ahead of the curve and AVOID becoming a victim of the modern poker game. The ultimate pain as a poker player is not being able to recognize when you're the player the game is built around.

What if I'm not ready for advanced plays yet?

James has a knack for explaining complicated concepts using simple words that everyone can understand. In 12 action-packed videos, James break down popular topics such as 3-betting, poker math, isolating, cold-calling, turn and river play, and much more.

Which stakes is the Micro-stakes System for?

This video series is targeted for players playing 5NL to 25NL and micro-stake players who don't have a good grasp of no-limit holdem fundamentals. 

Is this video series applicable to HU, 6-max, or Full-ring?

It is applicable to 6-max and full-ring holdem.

Is this video series applicable to live poker or online poker?

This video series is applicable to both online and live poker. However, because there is a lot of HUD usage, online players will likely find it more helpful. 

Video 1: Crucial Pre-flop Fundamentals
Learn the common pre-flop mistakes that are preventing micro-stakes players from crushing. You will be amazed how this one simple poker concept can help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Video 2: Cold Calling
5/10NL 6-max. You have AQ in the Big Blind.

MP opens $30. BTN re-raise to $100. You?

This video simplifies the process of cold calling and what you should be thinking when holding pocket pairs and broadway hands. You will see why conventional wisdom is not the correct advice for today's tough games.

Video 3: Isolating
Attacking limpers is a great way to pad your winrate, but how would you like to double your winrate instead? This video offers subtle differences between a great isolater and a mediocre isolater.

Video 4: 3-Betting Value Hands
When you 3-bet a hand such as KQ, are you doing it for value or as a bluff? This video will give you a clear framework on how to create the optimal 3-betting value range. It's much easier than you think.

Video 5: 3-Betting Bluffs
We know AA and KK win money, but the characteristic that separates men from boys is the ability to win money with marginal and weak hands.

Learn how you can use basic math, sizing, and blockers to 3-bet/4-bet/5-bet profitably.

Video 6: Dynamic Pre-flop Strategies
To excel in today's tough games, your game needs more than just standard plays. This video goes over various spots where you can use your creativity to generate extra profits.

Video 7: Hand Read with Hand Classification
Hand reading can be tough but it's much easier if you know the step-by-step process of breaking a hand down. This video offers 4 basic points that you can apply right away to improve your hand reading skills to the expert level.

Video 8: Bluff CBs
Some players get away with bluffing all the time, others don't. What's the difference between them? Is it intelligence? Is it because one player is more courageous than the other? No, the answer is one player uses bet sizing, elasticity, and equity analysis to his advantage while the other player doesn't. This video will show you how.

Video 9: Expert Flop Play
There's a subtle difference between a good play and a great play. This video goes through various lines and strategies that can help you consistently make great plays.

Video 10: The Golden Turn & River
Fortunes are won and lost on the turn and river. These streets are difficult to play and those who know how to play them well win a lot. This video use the advance concept of hand classification to simplify the common difficult spots and offer you strategies on how to play these spots profitably.

Video 11: Crushing 3-Bet Pots
The difference between a break-even player and a big winner is how well he plays in 3-bet pots. This video goes through all the variables of a 3-bet pot and offer you a set of guidelines to follow to improve your play.

Video 12: Breaking Down Complicated Hand Histories

Difficult spots come up all the time during a poker session and how well you do in these spots highly influence your winrate. This video gives you the insight on how to play these spots better.

These 12 awesome videos will change the way you think about poker. 

One more thing ...

If you buy the micro-stakes system today, you will receive 3 BONUS videos.

Bonus Video #1: Player Profiling
Most players don't win because they use the same set of strategies all opponents even though every poker player is unique.

This video identifies different type of players and offer you different adjustment strategies to outplay them.

Bonus Video #2: Poker Math Made Easy
Some players get math; some don't. In this video, we makes poker math so easy that you can't believe you had such a hard time calculating pot odds and EV.

Bonus Video #3: Poker Essentials Required for Survival
Why are some bright and smart people bad at poker? The reason is they don't know how to manage themselves as a poker player. This video will show you how.

But that's not all ...

You will also receive a FREE SplitSuit's webinar video on Expert Hand Reading. He will teach you about applying advanced concepts such as converting stats to real ranges, shapes, and visualizing range contortion.

Lastly ...

The 100K Micro-stakes NL System comes with a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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Customer Reviews


By JohnnieYX

November 11, 2011

I've seen some of James SplitSuit Sweeney's videos for full-ring play before, and even though I play pretty much exclusively 6-max, I've found them extremely insightful and helpful. As a micro-stakes grinder looking to improve, I was very excited to see this new video series.

So far, I've worked through four videos, and my excitement has not waned. SplitSuit's videos look really great and are very well-organized, from the opening to the content to the conclusion. In each video, he breaks down what he'll cover, and throughout the video he references which other videos in the series to watch if you have further questions on a topic. He uses great examples, mixing both full-ring play and 6-max, and he explains difficult topics clearly and logically. Each video lasts around half an hour, and as someone who pauses videos to take a lot of notes during my poker study, I really appreciated this.

What I really appreciate about SplitSuit's videos is that he doesn't just tell you what to do in certain situations. He doesn't just give you a hand chart or a prescribed 3bet range. He challenges automatic and conventional plays. Even at the micros, poker can be a tough game, with constantly evolving strategies. SplitSuit constantly emphasizes the term "dynamic," and rather than telling you what decisions to make in different scenarios, he tells you what factors to consider before arriving at your own decisions. He doesn't tell you WHAT to do, but HOW to think about poker. Ultimately, this series isn't only about learning how to beat the games NOW in 2012, but learning what things to keep in mind as you improve and progress as a player. If anything, the title is a bit of a misnomer, as I'm sure the concepts taught here will be useful for years to come.

This video series would be extremely valuable if you're a beginning to intermediate break-even or slightly winning microstakes player looking to plug leaks or improve your game, since it really focuses on the fundamentals of the game. The price might be a little steep if you're grinding 2NL or 10NL. But if you're playing 25NL or higher, at $297 (6 buy-ins for 50NL), it's a pretty good bargain.


By roberto tindiglia

November 15, 2011

I just bought this video and is very good for me, I do not speak English well but this video is very well understand, I am very happy and there are many concepts that I did not know and that are really interesting. thanks


By tobdog

November 15, 2011

James has a very good ability to simlify and emphasize every aspect of his coaching, writing, traiing videos, etc. This series is no different. He tells, explains and shows you HOW to think about how to exploit your opponents first, relying on our hand alone second. This series, like mentioned by other reviewers for a 10,25,or 50nl player will pay for itself in no time.



By Madouch

November 15, 2011

I always admired both James "SplitSuit" Sweeney as well as Tri “SlowHabit” Nguyen. I just love their books, just to mention Dynamic Full Ring Poker or Poker Blueprint. When I heard that James is making new video series in cooperation with Daily Variance, I preordered instantly.
And I wasn't disappointed. Videos deal with lot of very interesting and important concepts, that one has to grasp fully to be succesfull poker player in current competitve environment. SplitSuit has the natural ability to put even very difficult things very simply and easy to understand.
I recommend it to every aspiring micro stakes player.


By umasuki

November 15, 2011

You cannot be disappointed with James "SlitSuit". I was already a fan of his work and how he explains all the important concepts. If you liked the book DFRP, just run to get these new videos (if you don't have read the book yet, what are you waiting?).
And I will also recommend these videos to player of higher stakes (I usely play 200NL), because the concepts are so fundamental than you can apply them to improve your game, whatever level you are playing.
Don't miss it.


By blsmur

November 15, 2011

Hi there well I am 2 days into this video course
and I am happy to say i have already made some differences in my fr cash game
like making a profit

so i will continue with the videos as they are very helpful and James has a nice style about the way he presents his thoughts and ideas

any one that is not making a profit at his cash game play should be interested in this product , it is way cheaper than a personal coach and nearly the same
I havent had a question so far that wasnt answered in the videos

I have still got a lot of videos to do , but so far it is worth buying
and if for some reason you dont like it you can get a refund for 90 days
I dont think there will be too many doing that

Ron Kirby


By Biffo

November 15, 2011

I bought the vids because I'd read the book and found that useful even though I play 6 max and not FR.
Each vid is about 30 minutes long and concentrates on a particular area...primarily pre flop and then post flop.
As a 10NL player...but a well read player there was little in the preflop section that was new but it was explained well and James is clearly a good teacher. The vids are well structured and the learning points are clearly made.
The post flop section was of most use to me. I've a big leak post flop and a couple of things he mentioned really hit home and caused me to go back to the book as a resource and think it through. I downloaded Flopzilla as a result of this...I found the explanation of its use particularly helpful.
So all in all I got enough from this series to make me think that for me it was more than worthwhile. The subject of value will always be a personal one and I'll leave it to you to decide whether to part with your money but I'd certainly think there's enough to learn from both the book and the vids to make them a compelling package for the smaller stakes NL player.


By colin.mellars

November 15, 2011

I really enjoyed SplitSuits book and a lot of the concepts and ideas about being dynamic and play situationally have really improved my game. I downloaded the vids yesterday and have only gotten through the first couple so far, but I have to say I am very pleased so far. The information is concise and straight forward. The vids are clear and focused by topic so you can adjust to what you need to look at based on where you are having trouble. I have watched the Cold Calling vid a couple of times as I know this is a big leak of mine and the advice and commentary has be quite insightful. I wouldn't get this expecting anything earth shattering or revolutionary, but do expect a lot of solid, well founded quality commentary that will be very practical and highly usable! Great Work!!


By mathreader

November 15, 2011

I have to agree with most of the reviewers: the video series is very straight forward and is a valuable resource to micro-stakes players. Every video develop a topic in a quick and friendly way, but with the necessary depth to make a complete explanation in each of the chapters. Videos about playing 3 bet pots, and the video about playing the turn and river are very useful because these are scenarios where micro-players lose most of their money. The bonus chapters present information about some aspects of the game that most of the players know in some degree, but most of the time they just put away losing some extra income opportunities in the long run. Overall, this book is a very powerful tool to any micro-stakes player that is beginning on the game or cant get a good win rate in these levels.


By realbubbleboy

December 15, 2011

Iv been playing a for a few years now, but always lacked the out of game disiplin as well as the know-how to improve my game without getting a coach. The book just like the video said really did open my eyes to how i should be approaching the tables before i get there. Just simple things that i never really thought about or considered which have made me feel really good so far. Everything mentioned was completely relevant and i definitly recommend this book to anybody who wants to make it in the game of poker not just hang around one stake but look to make some progress. Its helped me identifiy a tonne of bad habits which i am now trying to change. 5/5

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