Poker in a Box for Micro-Stakes NL (Video Series)

Poker in a Box for Micro-Stakes NL (Video Series)

Authors: Mike "Fooz" Gano
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Crushing 25NL in 2014!


This poker video series will teach you everything you need to know to start crushing online micro-stakes cash poker in 2014. From choosing the best and safest poker sites, to how to setup your HUD, to playing solid pre-flop and post-flop poker strategy. Top-ranked cash poker instructor Mike "Fooz" Gano uses classroom style lecture and real life examples to teach you his proven system for beating the micro-stakes 6-max and full ring cash poker online.

This video series is applicable to both online and live poker. However, because there is a lot of HUD usage, online players will likely find it more helpful. There are 8 total videos.

Video 1: Goal Setting (15 mins)
Goal setting is a very underrated aspect of professional poker. In this video, Gano explains why having clear goals is important to achieve success when playing poker.

Video 1: Game Selection (25 mins)
If you ask any successful poker player what is the number reason why they are successful, they will say they practice great game selection. The question is how. In this video, Gano will go over the factors that make a table worth playing.

Video 3: Software, Profiling & the HUD (31 mins)
How do you sit down at a table and know exactly how your opponents play? In this video, Gano will go over a number of poker software that poker professionals use to gain an edge against their opponents.

Video 4: Basic Preflop Strategy (19 mins)
When you 3-bet a hand such as KQ, are you doing it for value or as a bluff? This video will give you a clear framework on how to create the optimal 3-betting value range. It's much easier than you think.

Video 5: Postflop - Value Hands (25 mins)
The difference between great players and mediocre players is great players know how to extract the maximum value out of their value hands. In this video, Gano will show you how get your opponents to pay you off.

Video 6: Postflop - Bluffing (27 mins)
Everyone know bluffing is important in becoming a strong poker player. The question is when should you bluff so you don't get caught. In this video, Gano will go over profitablel spots for you to exploit against your opponents. There's nothing sweeter than taking down a pot with nothing.

Video 7: Postflop - Draw (24 mins)
Do you just call or raise when you have a draw? Knowing how to playing a draw correctly will improve your winrate drammatically. In this video, Gano will you the most profitable strategies to play your draws.

Video 8: Studing Poker (24 mins)
Poker is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the pack, you need to work your game away from the table. In this video, Gano will show you how poker professionals work on their game to stay ahead of the pack.

The Poker in a Box for Micro-stakes NL comes with a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

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