Poker Mindset Hypnosis Package (audio)

Poker Mindset Hypnosis Package (audio)

Authors: Elliot Roe
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Reduce Your Tilt and Frustration with Hypnosis!

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Many professional players agree that poker is a game fought in the mind and that success comes with clarity of thought and a positive mindset. Unfortunately even with the best intentions sometimes even the very best players start to tilt and play hands they know they shouldn’t. 

Hypnosis activates your subconcious and this allows for fast changes to be made to long held emotional responses, confidence and focus. Within just a few sessions of hypnosis you will find yourself in a better mind set on the table, you will have more control over tilt and be able to read your opponents far more naturally and easily.

MP3s developed by: Elliot Roe

hypnosis audio package Registered Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy
hypnosis audio package (DHP) Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
hypnosis audio package Fully qualified Hypnotherapist with Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnosis
hypnosis audio package EFT practitioner

The mind is a powerful tool and once it is working in synchrony with your desires success will quickly follow. We offer multiple MP3s to help with your game...

Online Poker Hypnosis MP3

The induction and deeper work by putting you into a relaxed state where your sub-conscious can be communicated with directly. In a hypnotic state you will be more open to suggestion and able to make changes in your mindset to improve your game. Hypnosis should be viewed as a guided meditation and your focus should be on relaxing your mind and body as much as possible.

hypnosis audio package Reduction of emotional response to bad beats
hypnosis audio package Tilt management
hypnosis audio package Removal of anxiety
hypnosis audio package Total focus at the table
hypnosis audio package Perfect poker mindset
hypnosis audio package Positive attitude
hypnosis audio package Improved awareness at the table
hypnosis audio package General confidence and removal of self sabotage
hypnosis audio package Importance of bankroll management

Live Poker Hypnosis MP3 - $25

The perfect preparation for a live poker session. This Mp3 helps improve focus and reduce tilt at the poker table. As an added bonus it also includes suggestions to help improve you awareness and reading of opponents tells at the table. Sit down with the confidence to play your best poker.

hypnosis audio package Tilt reduction, confidence, focus, removal of self sabotage
hypnosis audio package Creating the perfect poker mindset
hypnosis audio package Awareness at the table and improved reading of opponents body language and tells
hypnosis audio package Triggers to release your perfect poker mindset when you sit at the table

Post Session Warm Down Hypnosis Session MP3 - $25

Ideal when dealing with the stress of a multi day tournament, or an intense grinding period. This Mp3 has been developed to help you reduce stress and improve your sleep after long and stressful sessions. Enabling you to leave any negative thoughts of the days poker behind and focus on future success.

hypnosis audio package Total relaxation and removal of the days stresses 
hypnosis audio package Suggestions to ensure a positive mindset when you wake, ready to start the next days competition with a clear and totally rested mind. 

SPECIAL - ALL 3 Poker Hypnosis Session MP3s - Only $49.95! (25% Discount) 

hypnosis audio package Online Poker Hypnosis
hypnosis audio package Live Poker Hypnosis
hypnosis audio package Post Session Warm Down Hypnosis

Customer Testimonials

“I listened to the live poker mp3 every day before playing this week and I can honestly say I either didn’t go on tilt at all or I didn’t realize I went on tilt. I’m pretty sure I played really well in both the tournaments and cash games. I played a total of 26 hours of cash games in 2 days while is pretty much unheard of for me. All in all, I am really happy with the mp3.” (Jonathan Little, Professional poker player, WPT Season VI player of the year)

“Working with Elliot and the hypnosis mp3s has given me a great tool to use when it comes to tilt. I now feel more confident that I have the tools to deal with any issues that would have caused me to spew off buyins in the past. I look forward to playing now instead of dreading whether or not my “tilt monkey” will be out today.” -- (JM)

Dude, your **** is like magic…haha..won 3500 today in like 6 hrs playing real well, like real well, so i’m back!!! gonna do it again tomorrow, the mp3 was very very good. this is def good stuff for me, and i’ll slowly get out of my own mental blocks to make me a dominating player again in no time! ” -- (HC) 

“The MP3 is amazing! When I started playing, after listening to it, I couldn´t belive how focused I felt. It was like everything slowed down matrix-style.” -- (ML)

“I play mostly live cash and tournaments. I find that listening the the mp3 once everyday helps keep my mind in line with my goals at the poker table. It is slowly becoming easier to be “in the zone” while at the table. In addition I am learning to recognize when my mind is not in the right place to grind a long session. I believe that psychology and mental awareness play a huge role in poker and this is a great tool to help you improve on those aspects of the game. Keep up the good work Elliot” -- (NM) 

“I gave this MP3 a shot when I felt that my game was drifting from the A level. I felt relaxed and comfortable after the mp3 and over the weekend, I was able to win nearly 10k at the cash games. It’s no coincidence, his MP3 helped me to remain focused throughout the long grind of Super Bowl Weekend” -- (HC) 

“I wouldn’t say the mp3 has helped me get rid of my tilt issue but it has definitely improved it a lot. I definitely feel calmer and a ton more focused when playing compared to normal. I feel like I can handle a couple more tables than I could before. My results have been better as well, e.g I’ve just played a session where I got 2 outered for 100bb twice and ran AK into a maniac who had AA preflop in a BvB spot. I still came out with a 130bb profit at the end of it though. 

Normally this would have turned into a nightmare losing session for me due to tilt. The mp3 isn’t a magic wand, but I will definitely be listening to it before every session from now on.” -- (DI)

Buy the audio today and improve your focus at the poker table. The retail price for all three audio files is $75. It's only $49 and all of us have probably tilt off more than that in our poker careers. 

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