Six Figure HU PLO System: Crushing 50PLO (Video Series)

Six Figure HU PLO System: Crushing 50PLO (Video Series)

Authors: OMGBabyJesus
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The Perfect System to Learn HU PLO

OMGBabyJesus's results over the past year. He's CRUSHING HU PLO at 11.56bb/100 over 250K+ hands! 

He also WON $121,142.99 in one year!

omgbabyjesus results 

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What Are The Secrets to His Success?

In this epic video series, through 8 lessons, OMGBabyJesus goes through the key concepts and pitfalls that prevent capable and intelligent players from transitioning successfully from NL to HU PLO.

Value Town -- Population: you

Lesson 1: Value Town

a. How to extract value from even the nittiest players? You won't believe how easy it is. 

b. If your opponent is aggressive, how do you adjust? Common wisdom may be wrong. 

c. Figure out how to value-bet thinly. 

d. Many more valuable tips that will undoubtedly improve your game. 

Lesson 2a: Maximum Extraction Part I

The key to achieving a massive winrate is knowing how to extract the most value from your opponents’ mistakes. In this video, OMGBabyJesus will show you profitable spots that you haven’t thought of. 

Lesson 2b: Maximum Extraction Part II

This is Part II of Maximum Extraction

Lesson 3: Reg on Reg Bloodbath

Playing regulars can be tough and costly. However, OMGBabyJesus will show you how to punish the regulars at your stakes when they take a shot at you. 

You’ll be amazed on how he is able to spot his opponents’ leaks and he will teach you how to do it. There's a reason why he's winning 11.56bb/100 in today's tough games! 

Bluffing Opportunities

Lesson 4: The Pressure Game

In this theory video, OMGBabyJesus shows you how to put your opponents in uncomfortable spots and cause them to make mistakes. After watching it, you will understand how OMGBabyJesus is able to accumulate such as massive winrate and impressive winnings. 

It’s not a shocker that this type of information isn’t available anywhere online. 

Lesson 5: Empty the Clip

In this creative video, OMGBabyJesus will attempt to bluff in almost every spot that is presentable to him. He will use raw aggression to run over his opponents and show you how you can do the same for your game. 

This is a must watch video for players who have a tough time playing aggressive poker. 

Lesson 6: Running the Streets 

It’s just another day at the office for OMGBabyJesus. 

He takes on all comers at 100PLO and ran into a few interesting situations that will open your mind on how to play PLO. You will realize why OMGBabyJesus is able to make over 150K+ playing PLO while others struggled and went broke playing this complicated game. 




Bonus Lesson 1: Finding Balance

Everyone knows balancing is important but how come most players don’t get it? 

The reason is many players don’t understand the theory behind balancing. But more importantly, they don’t know how to put it in practice. OMGBabyJesus puts it all together in this informative video.

After watching OMGBabyJesus’s explanation, you’ll realize why he's so good because he makes it seem so effortlessly. 

Bonus Lesson 2: The King Stays The King

A lot of people talk a good game but can’t play one. OMGBabyJesus will show you how he plays and crush with this live session.

He takes on all regulars with no game selection and show you what mistakes regulars make. He will share with you what these mistakes are so you can use them to exploit your opponents.

These tactics are the keys to his success and it’s a reason why OMGBabyJesus is the poster child for the concept of “The King stays the King.”

Coaching Testimonials

TwoPlusTwo Member LTT777: “OMGBabyJesus is obviously a very skilled player, he is a nice guy with a laid back demeanor, he is generous with his time, and he is able to turn his thought process into words well.” 

TwoPlusTwo Member H. Huu: “As I am inexperienced in PLO he immediately identified several leaks (e.g. playing too loose OOP, overvaluing certain hands etc.). We also talked about relative hand strength in PLO (which obv. differs from NLHE a lot) and also discussed about different possible betting lines related to that (bet-bet-shipping, donking, floating, CRing). Very good experience overall.” 

TwoPlusTwo Member Keyser.: “I also played against some regulars in my video and I was impressed by how OMGBabyJesus was able to make sound assumptions about villain's play style and how a given villain was likely to play each portion of his range and how I could best exploit that. He clearly has good instincts for HU play because he predicted several times in my video when he thought a given villain was likely to be making a move and when he was more likely to have a value hand.” 

Considering that OMGBabyJesus charges $150 per hour for poker coaching and due to high demand and lack of time, this is a great opportunity to learn from one of the biggest winners at mid-stakes HU PLO. This system provides tremendous value for anyone looking to improve their HU PLO game at an affordable price.

GET INSPIRED and start winning today!

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