The Six Figure NL System: Crushing 200nl in 2011 (Videos)

The Six Figure NL System: Crushing 200nl in 2011 (Videos)

Authors: James "irunlucky" Hudson
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The Definitive Video Series for Crushing 200nl!

irunlucky's results over the past year. He's CRUSHING at 7.28bb/100 over half a million hands! 

He also WON $136,304.76 in one year!

irunlucky results 

What Are The Secrets to His Success?


In this epic video series, through 8 lessons, James goes through the key concepts and pitfalls that prevent capable and intelligent players from making 100k per year playing poker online. 

Here are the lessons.

Poker Theory

Lesson 1: 30 Tips Big Winners Don’t Want You to Know

a. How to get aggressive players to spew their stacks to you even if you're a nit? You won't believe how easy it is. 

b. If it's close, do we call or fold? Common wisdom may be wrong. 

c. Figure out what is the best time to play poker to increase your winrate. The answer will surprise you. 

d. Many more valuable tips that will undoubtedly improve your game. 

Lesson 2: Abusing Aggressive Monkeys

James shows you how to exploit aggressive players. The strategy is simple yet no one in training site videos recommends it. And best of all? You don't have to engage in these 3-betting, 4-betting, and 5-betting war. 

Lesson 3: Stop Bleeding Blinds: Secrets to Optimal OOP Play

Play out of position is tough and is costly. James will show you how to negate this disadvantage and play better poker when out of position. There's a reason why he's winning 7.28bb/100 in today's tough games! 

Poker Practice

Lesson 4: A Normal Day at the Office: Crushing 200nl for 7.28bb/100

James "slows down" and play only 6 tables of 200nl 6-max. In this video, you will learn how to avoid sticky spots that add variance to your game but not dollars. 


Lesson 5: Advance Database Analysis: Plugging Leaks That Prevent You from Making $100,000/Year Part I

a. Do you hate tens and jacks? James will show you how to play them profitably so you can love them like he does. 

b. Do you know which spots are good to float or to bluff-raise? James will show you various scenarios where he exploit his opponents day in and day out. 

c. Do you know what is your edge pre-flop? Maybe the simplest part of poker might cost you the most money. James will show you pre-flop leaks that are costing small-stakes thousands of dollars.

Lesson 6: Advance Database Analysis: Plugging Leaks That Prevent You from Making $100,000/Year Part II

This is part II of the database series. 




Bonus Lesson 1: Exploiting Donks at 200nl Part I

A lot of people talk a good game but can't play one. James will show you how he plays and crush with this live session. You will be amazed on how simple poker can be if you know exactly what mistakes your opponents make. He will share with you what these mistakes are so you can use them to exploit your opponents. 

Bonus Lesson 2: Exploiting Donks at 200nl Part II

This is part II.

Considering that Hudson charges $150 per hour for poker coaching and due to high demand and lack of time, this is a great opportunity to learn from one of the biggest winners at small-stakes no-limit holdem. This system provides tremendous value for anyone looking to improve their game at an affordable price.

GET INSPIRED and start winning today!

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