Transitioning from Online to Live Poker

Transitioning from Online to Live Poker

Authors: John "Nicolak" Kim
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Critical Adjustments Required For Crushing Live Poker

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Live poker is a different beast from online poker. 

You can no longer avoid staring your opponents' eyes. 

You have to contain your heart while making huge bluffs. 

You have to know the right people to get into the good games. 

You have to be conscious of your facial expression and body language to prevent giving off tales. 

There are also many more important tricks you have to know to do well at live poker.

Known as 'Nicolak', John is a CardRunners Coach and is the co-founder of the coaching site He is one of the most feared mid-stakes player in the world. 

John CRUSHED poker the last two years and WON $651,229.61.

nicolak results

He resides in Las Vegas and has extensive experience playing live poker (7+ years). John plays up to $100/200nl live. 

He is also a host on the popular podcast "Cash Plays" at poker legend Barry Greenstein's media site, 

Here is a graph of his results. He WON $402,264 on only one poker site!

nicolak graph

From the seminar, you will learn the key differences between online and live poker and how you can make a killing playing live poker.


check mark How to use the differences between online and live poker to your advantage

check mark What bet sizes make the most money ... you won't believe how obvious they are once you hear the secret

check mark How to utilize tipping to get in better games i.e. game selection 

check mark How to exploit an opponent's uncapped range

check mark How to detect live tells and use them to your advantage

check mark How to put yourself in the right mindset to play live poker 

check mark Why being dumb and happy is +EV at live poker

check mark About winrates, bankroll management, and taking notes

check mark How to value-bet and bluff correctly ... you will be suprised how it is much difference from online poker

check mark The "Big Hand Concept" that only big winners know about

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