Tri "SlowHabit" Nguyen's Poker Coaching Program


This is Tri, co-author of "Let There Be Range," "The Poker Blueprint," and many other poker books.

I’m not a huge fan of long winded theory talk that has no practical value, though I do admit they are interesting. What I teach is what works at the poker tables and what works is what helped me win hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year. 

I've coached 100+ over the years and have helped many students moved up in stakes and increased their winrates. I also helped a few recreational players become professional poker players. Whether you are an online or live poker player, I can help you become successful. I'm well-versed in both venues and am confident I can give you the tools you need to be successful.

My coaching program consists of 5 sessions. After these 5 sessions, you should be able to think correctly about poker and how to identify mistakes that you and your opponents often make. Then you will proceed to exploit them.

1. First session – You record a 40 minutes video of yourself playing 4 tables. You should provide commentary (either during or after game play). This video allows me to see your thought process and let me come up with a game plan on how to make you a better player. You can save it as .avi or .wmv and upload it at or or whatever domain you wish.

2. Second session – This is a sweating session. I watch you play and give commentary during the session. I like to talk so I’ll talk a lot and it will be helpful. You are encouraged to record our session using Camtasia so you can look over the session later.

3. Third session – This session depends on what happens during session one and two. If I feel you are good at practical game theory, then we will have another sweating session so you put it to practice. If I feel you are a good player but with some fundamental mistakes, we will use this session to go over your mistakes and how to correct them.

4. Fourth session – This is a sweating session where I will talk way less than our previous sessions. I will watch you play and right before you click a button, I will ask you why.

5. Fifth session – Student usually reserves this session for when they are running bad. Sometimes, when the cards don’t fall your way, it’s tough to remind “positive” and “balanced.” That’s why I’m here. We talk a little bit about your game and go over hand histories to see if it is you or the cards. Maybe it’s both. But at least you know.

Important Note: I can tailor the program to your liking and help you achieve the best results. Some students like to go over hand histories, some students enjoy sweating sessions more.  

I get a lot of inquiries for coaching and I only coach students who I enjoy talking to. If you're interested in my coaching, please email me a short note about yourself, what stakes you are playing, what you are struggling with, and why you want poker coaching. You contact me directly at Good luck.